Finding Test Data

Free API sites for generating test data.

I found a couple of great sites for generating test API data. Take a look at these - for the price, I think its an amazing deal. This site generates randomized users for you, including name, email, location (street address), email, login information, date of birth, phone and cell numbers, nationality, and even a photo. You can get them completely randomized, or use a seed to start with the same list each time. You can specify nationalities for your list. This won't affect the photos, but it will change the location, phone numbers, and so forth will be more appropriate. You can also request a specific gender. The site is open source, and there are no charges. This site allows you to generate all types of data. You simply setup your generator, and the site provides the data. This site is free for up to 500 requests per day, and 1 API. The Premium level is only $10 (one time fee), and allows unlimited results, 2500 results per request, and unlimited APIs.

Thanks to Mika Baumeister" for this photo, from Unsplash

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